The process is an annual programme which is both developmental (assisting in lifting performance) and evaluative (measuring achievement and performance). It consists of a number of steps as follows:

Step 1 Familiarisation

  • understanding the context of the position
  • finding out about the school and its community
  • identifying issues

Step 3 Monitoring visits through the year

  • self-assessment of dimensions
  • provision of developmental feedback
  • discussion of goal progress
  • discussion of emerging issues

Step 5 Feedback and setting goals

  • Board sub-committee meeting with principal and appraiser
  • Setting of goals for next cycle

Step 2 Initial review and goal setting

  • evaluating how the principal sees performance issues
  • setting performance and development goals
  • establishing evaluative data gathering

Step 4 Data Gathering – Final Assessment

  • self-appraisal
  • Board interviews
  • staff interviews, survey
  • synthesis of data, report presentation